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Vanguard Systems Inc. has turned 38th term. I deeply appreciate all our customers and staff for their support.

"Vanguard" represents our company’s vision of becoming a vanguard of new challenges and new technologies. We are working to solve various problems of our customers and continue to take on new challenges.

Since we were established in 1986, we developed desktop taping machines. We also started a 1-day taping service and have received many orders.

Our core technology, the motor technology that controls the stepping motors like servo motors, are all born from our challenges to solve the customer's requests and problems. This technology contributes to various fields such as medical equipment, production equipment, industrial equipment, food equipment, semiconductor equipment, measurement analyzers, robots, etc.

We believe that our unique technology will create big value of "weak force control", "environmental performance", "power saving", "network technology", "robot technology" and "AI technology" that the world will need in the future.

In the world today, where various environmental changes occur, we will continue to do our best to contribute to the development of the world with new challenges.

Thank you for your continued guidance and encouragement.

Vanguard Systems Inc.
Ichiro Takashima
President and Chief Executive Officer

About our company

Company name
Vanguard Systems Inc.
October 24, 1986
Ichiro Takashima
50,000,000 (JPY)
HQ office
1-27-23 Higashi-tokorozawa, Tokorozawa-city, Saitama 359-0021 Japan
(Main switchboard) TEL +81-4-2945-2081
  FAX: +81-4-2945-2083
Business lineup
ME Division
A motion control solution products provider:
R&D,production and sales of motor drivers,
motor controllers and applied applications.
R&D and sales of taping machines.

Taping Services Division
Taping services, visual inspection services.
Kanda Kogyo Co., Ltd Shenzhen Vanguard Technology Co., Ltd.
International Certification
ISO9001 ISO140001

Company history

October 1986
Established Vanguard Systems Inc. in Tokorozawa. (Capital: JPY1,000,000)
April 1989
Moved HQ to Higashi-tokorozawa.
August 1991
Established Vanguard Taping Services Inc. (Capital: JPY10,000,000)
May 1996
Vanguard Taping Services certified ISO9002. (The 1st case of this segment)
October 1998
Vanguard Systems Inc. merged Vanguard Taping Services Inc. Inaugurated the taping services division.
November 1998
Certified ISO9001.
July 1999
Acquisition of HPtec.
October 1999
Capital expansion to JPY 132,750,000
January 2000
Moved the Taping Services Div to Hanno and opened the Hanno office.
June 2002
Launched the Internet Ordering System "i-TOP".
August 2004
Certified ISO14001.
May 2005
Opened the Shin-yokohama office. Launched visual inspection services.
February 2006
Awarded the “Innovative management company” from LGU.
February 2012
Appointed the “New-collaboration business scheme” from MEIT.
September 2012
Renovated the HQ building. Relocated the Taping Services Div Hanno office and the Shin-yokohama office to the new building.
May 2013
Opened the "HPtec Sagamihara R&D center" in the Sagamihara incubation center.
July 2013
Vanguard Systems Inc merged HPtec.
October 2016
The 30th anniversary of foundation
October 2016
Capital reduced to 50 million yen
January 2021
Participated in the Kanda Kogyo Group


The distributors of our products are throughout Japan and other countries in Asia.


Head Quarter
1-27-23 Higashi-Tokorozawa, Tokorozawa-City, Saitama, 359-0021 JAPAN
ME Division
TEL: +81-4-2951-5381 FAX:+81-4-2951-5383

Taping Services Division
TEL: +81-4-2945-2360  FAX:+81-4-2945-2362
Directions (by train)
Exit at Higashi-tokorozawa Station (JR-Musashino line). 10 minutes walk from the station.
Directions (by car)
Turnoff at Tokorozawa-IC (Kanetsu Expressway). Follow signs for Tokorozawa-city on route 463. 10 minutes (approx.) from the IC.
ME Division: Sagamihara R&D center
SIC2-2407 5-4-30 Nishi-hasimoto, Midori-Ward, Sagamihara-City, Kanagawa, 252-0131 JAPAN
TEL: +81-42-703-7821
Directions (by train)
Exit at Hashimoto Station (JR-Yokohama line/ Keio line). 10 minutes walk from the station.
Directions (by car)
(A) Turnoff at Hachiouji-IC(Chuo Expressway). 11 km (approx.) from the IC.
(B) Turnoff at Yokohama-Machida-IC(Tomei Expressway). 17 km (approx.) from the IC
* Take approach from “Hashimoto-koukou-mae(Hashimoto high school)” intersection.