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Closed-loop stepping servo system: ST-Servo

Closed-loop stepping servo system:                                                                          ST-Servo

The closed-loop stepping servo system that uses a high-resolution encoder.
The ultra low heat generation, ultra energy conservation, low vibration, small, and high output component.

Position/speed/torque/force control are available. It has superior rotation stability and high torque generation in low speed area.
(BSL) Pulse-train input. (SPL)Embedded Types of Ultra-Small Drivers. (CMB) All-in-one structure – motor/encoder/driver/controller all are in one unit. Various line-ups are ready.


  • Ultra-low heat generation and ultra energy conservation
    It controls the power current which is corresponding to the state of load-condition.
  • Low vibration
    The optimal control of system achieves the industry-leading low-vibration motor operation.
  • Four control modes
    Position/speed/torque/force can be switched instantly and drive the system.

Use application

Those are the ideal device for the medical equipment, winding machines, conveyor machines, or motor hand equipment.


Demonstration video : “tension control” by ST-Servo
Demonstration video : “grip and measurement” by ST-Servo