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Intelligent screwdriver: PRO-FUSE

Intelligent screwdriver: PRO-FUSE

The intelligent screwdriver for ultra fine screws S0.6-M2.0 or machine screws M2.0-M3.0. It can precisely tighten screws by controlling generation of torque. It is the ideal tool for robot automation of screw tightening process.
The cycle time of screw tightening process will be reduced greatly by our unique technologies. The real-time torque trace of the whole screw tightening process can be managed, which is traceable.


  • Compact and lightweight
    By our unique mechanism design, it achieves the industry-leading compact size and light weight.
    It can be mounted to the orthogonal or articulated robots for an automation of screw process.
  • Torque management
    Utilizing our unique control technology, you can set and manage the torque of the whole process and final results.
    It can execute the screw tightening process as precise as ±5% current equivalent value.
  • Traceability
    The optional dedicated application program "PRO-E Expert" provides the real-time torque trace of the whole screw tightening process.
  • Upper master controller can command directly to it.
    It uses the MODBUS/TCP communication protocol. Your system can be designed swiftly, because you can control it from a PLC or robot controller easily.

Use application

It is the ideal machine for the production line of smartphones, cameras, watches, tablets, and other portable electronic devices.


Demonstration video : PRO-ROBOT is tightening M3 screws to dummy boards.