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Personal Information

For the protection of customer' personal information, Vanguard Systems Inc.(hereinafter referred to as "the Company") has established its own Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as "the Privacy Policy") to be compliant with the Personal Information Protection Law in Japan. The Company takes necessary measures in order to handle customer information appropriately by all employees of the Company.

Acquisition of Personal Information

"The Company will, when obtaining any Personal Information(hereinafter referred to as ""the Personal Information"")(*1), identify the purpose of use thereof and obtain it to the extent it becomes necessary.
(*1)The Personal information shall be defined as the information related to individual customers that can be used to identify a specific individual by using a name, address, telephone number, facsimile number email address, or etc. contained in the information."

Purposes of using the Personal Information

The Company shall only use the Personal Information for the following purposes.
When using the Personal Information for any other purposes, the Company obtains a prior consent from the relevant customer.

・When responding to the customers' requests of documents, downloading, or inquiries via our website;
・When delivering the product sales act, shipment information, post-sale services, announcements of products and services, questionnaire, or etc. that the Company provides to customers in a commercially reasonable manner;
・When delivering the information which might be useful for customers, the invitation letter to exhibition of the Company, or the gratitude letter for visit of customer.

Disclosure of the Personal Information to third parties

The Company shall never provide any and all the Personal Information to any other third party without obtaining the prior consent from the relevant customer.
However, the Company may provide any the Personal Information to any of its contractors to the extent only necessary to achieve the purpose of usage thereof. Even in such a case, the Company shall request the relevant contractor to handle relevant the Personal Information in the proper manner and the Company will control the use thereof by such contractor in the suitable fashion. When disclosure of the Personally Information is requested based on the laws and regulations by the public agencies such as judicial institutions, police forces which execute acts in accordance with the related laws and regulations,
however, the Company may disclose the Personally Information without any consent of the relevant customers.

Review and revise of the Privacy Policy

The Company shall carry out ongoing review of the content of the Privacy Policy and seek to implement improvements in order to maintain optimum conditions at all times.
The Company will occasionally amend the Privacy Policy when it is required. The new policy will be automatically effective from the moment that it will be published on the website.
The change notice of the Privacy Policy will not be informed to the customer individually. However, those amendments of the Privacy Policy will be construed as be agreed by all customers.

The Personal Information

"In order to prevent the occurrence of unauthorized access to the Personally Information, as well as loss, destruction, alteration or leakage of it, the Company takes reasonable security measures.
The Company is in no way liable for the Personal Information of such third party websites that are linked to this website. "

The Personal Information obtained via the Internet

・This website may use the cookie(*) .
・The access history, access log, is recorded by our website server when customers visit to this website.
The Company may obtain the customers' action records such as the provider name, web browser name, and access date and time. however, it does not contain any information which allows the identification of the individual users.

* "Cookie" is a file to identify user, which is sent from the website server and stored in the user's web browser while the user is browsing.
This file does not generate any harmful effect or invasion of privacy to the users' computer.