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    The Vanguard Systems Inc. (hereafter called “The Company") recognizes the protection of a personal information as an important social responsibility. To continue an endeavor for handling, managing and maintaining of the personal information, the Company sets the “Personal Information Protection Policy” stated below.

    1. Acquisition, utilization and provision of personal information
    When the Company acquires, utilizes, and provides personal information, the Company recognizes the importance of protection of the personal information. The Company will handle the personal information in adequate manner.

    2. Implementation of security measures
    In order to prevent the occurrence of unauthorized access to personal information, as well as loss, destruction, alteration or leakage of it, the Company establishes and preserves the organizational measures to manage the personal information security strictly, and takes reasonable preventive and corrective measures.

    3. Continuous improvement
    The Company draws up, implements, and maintains the compliance program for the protection of the personal information, and reviews it periodically as the part of our efforts for a continuous improvement.

    4. Compliance with the laws and regulations
    The Company complies with the laws and guidelines which are established by the government regarding the handling of personal information.